Are you crazy enough to juggle one more ball?

“I can’t fit one more thing onto my plate”

Even when I don’t think I can physically do it; I make myself do it anyway.

Here’s why:

“How do I add all of these things and not sacrifice time from work or family?”

Get very clear on your goals, get very clear on your priorities, and get very clear on where they rank, which ones are the most important.

“How do I get my family on board?”

They do what you do, not what you say, use it to your advantage. Say less, do more.

You can juggle all these things. You can choose healthy.

You can bring your family with you and they will support you.



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Heather Dumas

Heather Dumas

As an author, speaker, and coach, I help fierce women free up time to lose fat and gain energy through personal training, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching.